Are You Ready For Martini Time?

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I think Martini’s Asti must be one of my first ever wine related memories. Not drinking, mind you, but I remember my parents buying a few bottles in the 1980s back when as a brand and as a wine it was flying high. As much as sentiment might have changed over the past few years as wine drinkers moved on to the next thing, brand manager Marco Mazzini is gearing this iconic Italian brand up for a revival.

#NWTW Week 4: What To Expect From Piemontese Barbera

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As we’ve been saying in the last couple of posts Barbera does alright on most soils and slopes, but that’s not to say it doesn’t change in terms of the taste and drinkability (I thought I’d just made up a word, but spell checker hasn’t even blinked!) depending on where it’s grown.

The two more famous styles, that I know of anyway, are Barbera d’Asti and Barbera d’Alba.  These are separate zones where the vineyards need to sit in the outskirts of the major local towns of Asti and Alba.  Chances are you’ll have heard of these.