#NWTW Week 5: Argentinian Torrontés (Part Two)

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So it’s back to the whites and the new world and South America for the next choice.  We’re going for Argentina’s next big thing: Torrontés!

Thanks to Anthony for his picks, I’ve gone for the following:

#NWTW Week 4: Italian Barbera

Info For Beginners, Italy, New Wine This Week, Reds

Here we are at week 4 already!

So we’ve gone for a couple of new world (roughly speaking that means non-european) wines so far, and one from the old world.  We’ve had a couple of whites, and just the one red.  So just to even it all up it’s an old world red, and this week I’ve chosen a grape variety called Barbera from Italy.

Barbera as a grape is grown in the north west of Italy in a region called Piemonte.  Any of you who know your maps know this is right up in the top left, with Torino as the region’s capital.