NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: Top Picks From Lidl

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Lidl UK had a new set of wines ready for us to taste yesterday in Central London.  The mostly French-themed selection make up the bulk of what will be on the shelves for the Autumn and Winter in supermarkets across the country.  Here’s my take on the top three whites and top three reds to keep an eye out for…and a cheeky rosé just for good measure! 😉

The Lidl Winter Wine Highlights – The Whites

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Lidl Whites

So last week I headed off to the Lidl winter wine tasting down in Angel in London. They absolutely pinged the venue, I really liked it. It was this thing called A-Space which gets rented out for all kinds of things like corporate events, or modeling shoots, or closed gigs. Just had a very easy going atmosphere in there, which helps you get you head on the wine better I think.

Anyway, I made it through the wines and beers and here are my top 3 whites to keep your eye out for…