Massive Congratulations (You Jammy B@stard!)

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It’s finally time to reveal the winner of the Lazenne WineCheck competition. It took us a while to organize a good time to deliver, but now he’s got them we can reveal that the winner was Andrea Briccarello from London. To quote Monty Python; You lucky, lucky bastard! (only kidding)

The Piemontese Giveaway – Summing It Up!

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Right guys and girls, over the last few days, weeks, and months we’ve thrown out everything you need to know about the competition here. You’ve now only got til the end of today to get your entries in to wine a Lazenne WineCheck filled with delicious Piemontese wines!

Great Piemontese Wine Giveaway – Doglia

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So last, but not least, in the winemaker profiles for the Lazenne WineCheck Giveaway is a very good friend of mine. I first met Gianni Doglia about 12 years ago, when my mum and dad first started making trips out to Piemonte. Not sure if he knows this, but it was actually him and his family that first inspired me to get more involved with wine as a hobby. Infectious passion and enthusiasm, always smiling (except when it hails!), and the most glorious view from a cellar I’d ever seen. I’m so glad he’s a part of this.

The Great Piemontese Wine Giveaway – THE LAZENNE WINECHECK!

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So last week we launched the Piemontese Wine Giveaway. We’re giving away a Lazenne Winecheck filled with 12 different bottles of wine, collected from 4 different producers, and all from the North West Italian region of Piemonte. After a bit of a flap when I lost the Ts and Cs, we got there in the end, so this week it’s time to start introducing the prize. And I’m going to start with Lazenne’s WineCheck luggage.

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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Tough old week last week as a couple of bits of news knocked me and my annoying anxiety issue all over again. I’ll get onto that news some other time, but thankfully it only took 2 days to get my head back straight this time. That’s pretty big progress for me!

The Great Piemonte Wine Giveaway – THE LAUNCH

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Ok guys and girls, you really REALLY want to read this post! As I mentioned in a pre cursor last week, I’ve teamed up with Valeire from the Girls Gotta Drink blog, and the team behind Lazenne wine luggage to offer an incredible wine giveaway. This week’s post gives the overview of the set up, what there is to win, and how you enter. Honestly, there’s a bag full of amazing (and free!!) wine for the winner. Get stuck in!

Anything To Check In? Well Funny You Should Ask!

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When I was out in Catalunya with Timmer of Catalunya Wines, he was pretty keen on making a video of the day. I’m about as comfortable on camera as I am sitting on a nail, but he’d arranged a top day, so no way I could say “no”! And one of the things he was keen for us to do was have a play with a bit of wine luggage he was raving about. So we did. That was my first contact with Lazenne.