Fukushima Legacy Hits 2011 Napa Vintage…But Don’t Panic


In March 2011 a massive earthquake hit off the coast of Fukushima province on Japan’s east coast.  The massive concern in the subsequent aftermath was at the Daiichi nuclear power plant.  The initial damage from the earthquake, and subsequent damage from the tsunami left 3 reactors in meltdown, and officials scrambling to contain the radioactive pollution.

Trip Down To Koji In Parson’s Green

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A few weeks ago I got chatting on twitter to Pat from Koji Restaurant in Parson’s Green in London. We had a natter about what they were up to down there, then a bit about sushi and wine pairings, and the “oh I must come down some point”. Well that some point happened last week, as I went out for dinner with my future brother-in-law and his mates.