New Wine This Week 59 – Cheeky Chicken Pie

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59 - Chicken Pie

This week’s food match came from actually just glancing at the website when I was looking at all the options for the week. Spirited Wines always add the idea of what to eat with your bottle of wine, and for their Glenguin Estate Old Broke Block Semillon, which is the only one I’ll be tasting this weekend, they reckon chicken pie!

New Wine This Week 59 – Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Australia, New Wine This Week, Whites

59 - Clouds

As I was saying yesterday, the Hunter Valley is just a couple of hours drive north of Sydney, on the Eastern Coast of Australia. I visited Sydney a few years back when my sister lived over there. I was like a little ginger puddle, my life it was hot! With all that heat you’d reckon that they’d grow and produce big fat red wines like from the hottest bits of the Mediterranean, not subtle dry white wines!