The Right Way To Do Wedding Food!

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Last weekend my sister got married. Did we ever think we’d see the day? 🙂 Only kidding, of course we did, and I’m lucky that the fella in question is a top guy and we’re all very happy to welcome him into the family. Especially after the two of the sorted us out with the best wedding meal I’ve ever had! 

My Mate Pier

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Where the bloody hell has the time gone? The wife and I have to drive home next week, back to Blighty and start real life all over again! Time has 100% got away from me since I’ve been here and, as per bloody usual, I’m rushing to do everything I need to do in the last few days. There was no way I could have left here without seeing my mate, Pier.

Ever Heard Of Arneis Before? That’ll Change Very Soon!

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So yesterday I was talking about a trip the wife and I made to a local winery round here. I spent the whole post talking about the building, which I’m hoping wasn’t as boring as it sounds now I’m reading that back to myself! Let’s have a do at talking about the wines, eh?

#NWTW Week 4: An Intro Into Piemonte

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For people who like to pop into the supermarket and pick up a bottle or two of wine every now and again, Italian wines will be no stranger to them.  There’s the famous idea of Tuscany, the home of the ever-present Chianti.  There’s Sicily, whose marketing co-ops have thrust their solid wines onto the £5 a bottle shelves.  You think of Pinot Grigio, you might even think of Soave, but until you’ve been introduced to it, very few people think about Piemonte.