Christmas Wine Week – The Sweets

Fortified, Sherry and Port, Sweet Wine

ice wine

Without question, sweet wines are the most under rated and under drunk in the world of wine. Ok, I get the fact that the cheap and nasty ones are cheap and nasty, and they’ve maybe put quite a few people off in the past. But in the UK these days we’re lucky to have a huge range of top drawer sweet wines and fortified wines from all the way across the world. Be a shame to miss out this Christmas!

#NWTW Week 50: Port

New Wine This Week, Portugal, Sherry and Port


Week 50? Can you believe we’ve only got a fortnight left of 2014? Well I don’t know about anyone else, but for me it’s flown by in a blur of well…let’s not go into that right now…let’s just say drinking great wines and meeting some great people. And this week I get to share my love of Port with everyone!