Week 61 – The Verdict On Sherry

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This verdict on Sherry Week has very little to do with tasting notes, and much more to do with the ramblings of my cricket team. We were together for a barbeque at the weekend, so I thought “all those people in one place? Be rude not to have a mass tasting!”

New Wine This Week 61 – Food Pairing with Sherry

For The Foodies, Fortified, New Wine This Week, Sherry and Port


Sherry is a foody’s dream wine. It’s a bit weird though in that until you really get into Sherry, it’s nearly impossible to drink and enjoy without food. It’s not that it’s not nice stuff, it’s just that over the years we’ve got used to the idea of what we think a white wine (or a brown wine) should taste like. If you’ve spent your days drinking Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay then Sherry will smell and taste like nothing you’ve had before!! 

Week 61 – Where Did All The Sherry Drinkers Go?

Fortified, New Wine This Week, Sherry and Port


There’s a line you hear quite a bit in wine marketing circles about Sherry’s big mistake. It let its drinkers die on them without replacing them. In the 1950s through to the 1980s it was one of the most popular drinks in the UK, and the UK has always been one of Sherry’s primary export markets. Now it’s struggling, so what happened?