Make Some Coin In Your Own Kitchen

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A mate of mine who lives out in Barcelona is a shit hot chef. Joel Serra Bevin is the man behind the Papalosophy brand, and his cookbook is worth getting hold of if you like your Catalan cooking. It’s also probably the most incredibly photographed cook book I’ve ever seen. Really stonking publishing quality, check out the link below. Anyway enough of that, Joel’s got a great idea for you if you’ve got some game in the kitchen…

The Tricks of Food & Wine Pairing

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I’ve got a wine tasting session coming up next Thursday night for Villa Maria wines. I’m doing it alongside the amazing Mel who runs NZ Wine Cellar in POP Brixton, one of the coolest places for a foodie to hang out in the whole of London. Our job yesterday was to wander round the different stalls and pair up the two wines we’re going to be focusing on with the food on offer. But where do you start pairing food to a particular wine?

Best Of Bordeaux Week – The Food, Oh My Life, The Food!

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The other 5 bloggers and I were in Bordeaux because we’d written something good about wine at some point. I have to admit that reading everyone else’s entries kind of made me shrink a bit, but that’s just my English inadequacy shining through once again. Obviously we were all there to get stuck into the great wines of the region, taking our photos and making our tasting notes as we went around. From my point of view though, one of the best things about wine is that it’s unescapedly linked with food. Me oh my, the food that week was amazing!

Apparently I’m Thrifty!

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I was making some food last night for me and the missus and, after she ate it, she was saying how nice it was (naturally!) and saying how good it is I’m so thrifty. I wasn’t sure how to take that. I kind of know she meant that I can use whatever’s in the cupboards or the back of the fridge and still bang out a decent meal. But I’ve lived that fine line between being a tight arse and being “thrifty” for a while now. Is it that close to the bone for me?

Taking Pleasure In Taking Pleasure – MWWC #24

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It’s my birthday tomorrow. That’s not interesting in itself, but as with every year it does make me think now about how my thinking’s become slightly different over the years, and in particular the last couple. Being both painfully socially awkward and British, I tend to be very apologetic for everything and also tremendously self-conscious about the things I like to do and what people think of them.

Picking Your Way Through Italian Wines

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Castagnole from Gianni's

When you think about Italian wines loads of people think about things like Chianti, Prosecco, and Pinot Grigio. And why wouldn’t you? We all walk into wine aisles and see the shelves rammed full of those three. But what do you do when you want to start exploring Italian wines a bit more? Where do you start?

#NWTW Week 4: An Intro Into Piemonte

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For people who like to pop into the supermarket and pick up a bottle or two of wine every now and again, Italian wines will be no stranger to them.  There’s the famous idea of Tuscany, the home of the ever-present Chianti.  There’s Sicily, whose marketing co-ops have thrust their solid wines onto the £5 a bottle shelves.  You think of Pinot Grigio, you might even think of Soave, but until you’ve been introduced to it, very few people think about Piemonte.