Soaking it up from one of the best palates in the business


I only really started being more serious about wine three or four years ago.  I didn’t grow up with lots of wine in the house either.  I’m also more of a blogger/experience person than a full on wine journo or professional taster.  Effectively I’m just making plenty of excuses here as to why my palate is nowhere near as tuned to tasting different wines as I‘d like it to be.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s getting better, but maybe not fast enough to sit my final exam for my WSET Diploma that’s coming up on the horizon when my brain wants to let me.  So when I found out the brilliant Anne McHale MW was running tasting workshops for people looking to improve their technique then it was an absolute no-brainer.


Just Don’t Talk To Me In June!!!

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I’ve had a complete shocker. Well I have and I haven’t. In the sense that I haven’t I’ve been hugely privileged to be invited on this amazing trip to Napa and Sonoma with the Californian Wine Institute in March. I genuinely can’t wait, I’ve heard so many amazing things about the West Coast of the US and the chance to go over there with a bunch of wine-o’s is fantastic. Slight issue being is that I was meant to take a couple of WSET Diploma exams that week, so I’ve had to move them. And I’ve just found out where to!

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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2nd Nov

Lots of studying again last week, but it’s slowly starting to sink in…I hope! I think when you know you’ve got an exam coming up, this quote sums it up nicely: “Today’s Christmas Eve, tomorrow’s Christmas Day, and I can’t wait for Boxing Day to be honest!” Yep, I’ll go with that right now. Anyway, enough about the exam, here comes the week’s line up on the blog…

WSET Studies #6 – Preparing for Your First Tasting Exam



So I managed to pass Level 2 well enough, so before I got out of the hang of it, I thought I’d sign up straight away for the Level 3 course. I always find studying is a bit like that. If you get out of the habit, it’s a pain in the arse to get the books back out after a period off. So get them done quick I reckon!

WSET Studies #5 – The Level 2 Exam



To pass any level of the WSET you’ve got to get through an exam. Fair enough. Now I’m studying for the Level 4 I understand that not only does the material get tougher, the way you’re examined does too. But whatever level you’re at, the exam is tricky enough. I started at Level 2, and that was the first exam I’d sat in nearly 10 years, whichever way you look at it, it was brown trousers time!