Is The World of Free Delivery Crippling The Little Guys?

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We live in an world. If we want something then we can head online, pick our stuff from a list of different sellers on the massive market place, and with a couple of clicks it’s paid for and whistling over to our places within a couple of days. How good is that as service goes? Not bad, eh? Especially when most of the time they offer that delivery for free!

The Joys Of Transporting Wine

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transporting wine

Working in wine has been a lot of fun. In terms of buying and selling the stuff directly from winemakers to private individuals I don’t think it gets much better. You get to natter to both sides of the story all day, and try and keep both sides of the coin happy. What do I really have to do? Other than open some bottles and get people tasting? Well…I have to work out how to get it to where it needs to be, and that is a lot harder than it sounds!