Bubble Videos For Christmas – Part 1

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Amelia Singer & I both love our Champagne, but thought on the run into the Christmas holidays, time to have a look at some alternative bubbles out there on the market….Part 1 is Crémant and Cava!

Say “Prosecco” One More Time, I Dare You!

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I’m assuming that most of you will have watched Pulp Fiction before. Probably still up there as one of my favourite films going. The dialogue is what carries it, as it’s almost impossible to think of a scene that isn’t instantly quotable. One of the most iconic though is when Samuel L Jackson character, Jules, is asking a (soon to be dead) interviewee what Marsellus Wallace looks like. He’s so nervous that he keeps on saying “What?!”, which is pisses off Jules somewhat, and he gets dared, at gunpoint, to “say ‘what’ one more time, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker!”. Well recently I’ve felt Jules pain a bit…

Christmas Wine Week – The Bubbles

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As I said yesterday, we have a thing in the family about Christmas morning. We get up, someone throws the bacon under the grill, we toast up then butter the breakfast muffins, and tuck in with a bottle of sparkling wine…well I say “a” bottle, obviously it’s not just the one. We’ve got a big family these days!

Christmas Bubbles On Offer Already!!!

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It’s about this time of year that I wish we had some kind of public holiday in November. The Americans have got Thanksgiving, but us Brits? Nah! We go straight from Bonfire Night on the 5th to Christmas trees for sale and awful songs played in shops on the 6th. Look I’m not a Grinch, but having it all shoved down your throat all November means that by December you’re pretty sick of Christmas already, and it’s still 3 weeks til the day!

NWTW #53 – What We Thought Of Blanc De Blancs

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In the same way there are some things you just don’t like that are really hard to review, sometimes it’s just as hard to try and be objective about things you really, really like! That was my problem this week. I’m sure most of you out there that had a taste or two of any Blanc De Blancs felt the same.

#NWTW Week 12: What Did I Think Of My Crémant?

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week 12 chanceny

Well, in a word, fantastic! Maybe I just got very lucky with the three different wines that I had, but if it was purely down to luck then I’ll hop off and get my lottery tickets for the week before it runs out.

#NWTW Week 12: Food Pairings With My Crémant?

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week 12 croquetas

As with every time you’re thinking about what to eat with your booze, then you need to remember the major tastes or character of your wine.  From yesterday’s blog we know with Crémant we’re looking at high acidity, yeasty (bread/biscuit) flavours, and fresh green fruit (apples, pears).

#NWTW Week 12: What’s My Crémant Going To Taste Like?

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week 12 biscuit

Big thing about sparkling wine, and the taste you’ll get is how it’s made.  If you know how it’s made you’re well over half the battle of what to expect.