#NWTW Week 49: Waiting In The Wings

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week 49 waiting in the wings

Chardonnay is a grape that grows somewhere in nearly every wine growing region in the world. Why? Well it’s because it can grow in so many places. It’s a great grape for new wine areas to test themselves. Are there are few newer than New Zealand.

#NWTW Week 49: Chardonnay from New Zealand (Part Two)

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I know what you’re thinking. I’ve messed up the title and I really meant to type Sauvignon Blanc. But absolutely not. As much as we can all have a decent chat about that particular wine, given we’ve all had plenty of it over the years, this week Ant’s gone for a grape that is starting to make a home for itself in the middle of all the Pinot Noirs and Sauvignon Blancs; Chardonnay.

#NWTW Week 31: ON TOUR –What To Eat With Your Californian Chardonnay

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week 31 fish pie

I’ve never really been out to the States. I’ve been to New York a few times, and Boston once (don’t remember it at all!), but that doesn’t really count. Most importantly for this week is that I’ve never been out to California, so when it comes to food pairings, I’m a bit stuffed to know what the locals would eat with it. So I’ve had to improvise a bit…

#NWTW Week 31: ON TOUR –What They Get Up To At UCAL Davis

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week 31 cold apple     week 31 warm pineapple

Don’t know about the rest of you, but following on from a socially appauling time as younger kid, Uni was my time to get stuck into a bit of UK drinking culture. I’m not proud of it, but it went by in a blur of abstract maths that I didn’t really understand and snakebite. Well over at the University of California, Davis Campus, someone spent their time a little bit more usefully….

#NWTW Week 31: ON TOUR – Time To Try Californian Chardonnay Again

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week 31 oak tree

There’s a very well known joke amongst us wine geeks about someone ordering a bottle of white wine at a restaurant. “Oh no, I don’t want any Chardonnay, can’t stand the stuff, I’ll take a bottle of Chablis!” Alright, so you’re not exactly reaching for the string to tie your sides back together, but obviously the (rather lame) joke is that Chablis is Chardonnay. Sorry for the shit joke, but point being is that people have this thing about not liking Chardonnay.

#NWTW Week 5: An Intro Into Argentina

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So, as we’ve been saying, we’re back in the new world for #NWTW Week 5, and it’s our first trip of the year to South America’s other power house of wine production: Argentina.

Funny when you use a term like “new world” you conjure up images of mulleted fellas planting the first vineyards in the 1990s, but it was actually back in the 16th Century it all started in Argentina they reckon.  The big boom though happened in the 19th Century when there was mass immigration from Italy and Spain (Basques and Catalans).  They were missing their home comforts a bit too much and starting planting some vines where they were settling, which happened to be in and around the Andes.  Useful that!

#NWTW Week 2: An Intro Into Chile

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Most wine drinkers in the UK will have had a bottle or two from Chile.  Over the past 10 to 15 years they’ve absolutely nailed the export market with low cost, solid quality wines.  Lots of investment in the 1990s in both production and the governing laws has led to a really smooth system to produce wines up and down this long thin country.

#NWTW Week 1: An Intro Into Australia

Australia, Info For Beginners, New Wine This Week, Reds, Whites

As with the last post on Riesling, I’m going to use this effort of the “New Wine This Week” Club to post a few intros on everything about the wine.  So this week is Aussie Riesling, I’ve done a bit on Riesling, so time to have a quick few lines on the wine-making powerhouse that is Australia.