The Best of Burgundy #5: On Yer Bike, Son!

Burgundy is really one of those places that is great to use to explain a few more general things. Last post I was saying about terroir and how everywhere in the world has it and is affected by it, but Burgundy’s one of those places where it’s easy to highlight the big differences it makes. …

The Best of Burgundy #5: On Yer Bike, Son!
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Bordeaux Broken Down ‪#‬‬‬4: Appellations

In France, wines from certain areas can label themselves under the local appellation. It’s the French system of looking to ensure quality and standardising the production of famous areas. On the bottle of wine will be written Appelation D’Origine Contrôlée (AOC). It’s a way of telling the drinker that this has been made in a …

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