NWTW #53 – What We Thought Of Blanc De Blancs

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In the same way there are some things you just don’t like that are really hard to review, sometimes it’s just as hard to try and be objective about things you really, really like! That was my problem this week. I’m sure most of you out there that had a taste or two of any Blanc De Blancs felt the same.

NWTW #53 – Food Pairing With Blanc De Blancs

France, New Wine This Week, Sparkling, Whites

#53 - smoked salmon

Wow is this a bit overdue. I know it’s Sunday, and most people are already past their weekend drinking window, but a mixture of a trip to Paris, a crap phone, and no wifi connection meant that I’ve been off radar for 3 days. So I’m playing catch up for a couple of days. Here’s something very simple and light to go with your Blanc De Blancs.

NWTW #53 – So what is Blanc De Blancs when it’s at home?

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#52 - mix of grape colours

It’s bad enough when you hit the Champagne aisle and there are so many manufacturers and labeling terms that just mess with your head. Do I buy Lanson or Mumm? What do they mean by Brut as opposed to Sec? Then they throw this Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noirs into the mix. It’s game over at this point for the occasional wine-o!

NWTW #53 – B is for Blanc De Blancs!!!

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week 51 english and champagne

What a week of swings in the polls! At first it looked as though Barolo was running away with it, but a late surge from Blanc De Blancs takes it with just shy of 25% of the vote! So get the deep fryer ready, it’s time for some bubbles to take us out of January 🙂