The Wine-O’s Guide To Taste Of London


Anyone heading over to Taste of London in Regent’s park this weekend?

I was lucky enough to go along on opening night and try out all the bits and pieces that are going on, and here’s my (mercifully short) guide to what’s on…

CALIFORN-I-A DAY 1: Beers, Burgers, and Buckets of Rain!

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Well we’ve all made it safe and sound. The California trip has started and the long hours in the plane out to San Fransisco are nearly out of all our systems. There’s a group of about 12 of us, which is enough to make me a little bit nervous and self-conscious, but sod it, the nervous “just keep talking” has kicked in and I don’t think I’ve annoyed too many of them yet 🙂

Getting Slowly Back Into Beer

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As I don’t have any bricks and mortar yet with 20h33, I’m doing farmers markets and drinks markets at the weekend to supplement the wine dinners I do at different restaurants round London during the weeks. Friday nights I’m down in Covent Garden with a handful of other start up drinks companies. It’s great for someone who likes to try different drinks as we have all kinds of stuff there, from Cambridgeshire grape vodka to UK distilled rum. But usually over half the stalls are focused on beer.

The Booze 4

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I’m in training at the minute to run the Marathon du Médoc. It’s a full marathon, so 42km, through the vineyards of the Médoc in Bordeaux. Slight twist is that it’s a wine marathon, with different châteaux along the route opening their doors to the runners to try their wines en route. They also kindly stick on food to keep you sustained on the way round, although foie gras and oysters isn’t what your typical top athlete boosts themselves with I guess!

Taste of London Highlights – Eebria

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I love the fact that as the months are going by you get the feeling that more and more people into their food, wine, and beer are heading back to the smaller, specialized producers. You look at the explosion of craft beers in the States, or in Italy, or in Argentina. Well if there’s one thing the Brits have always been able to do, it’s knock up a belting beer or two!