Will the world open their wallets to the best wines of Chile?

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The wines of the New World nailed it during the nineties and noughties on the shelves of the supermarkets in the UK. The French, the Italians, even the Spanish were blasted away by low priced but solid quality wines from the varietals everyone had heard of. Chilean wine was up there in the crow’s nest of this move but, like many others, the move from low margin, high volume wines to showing off the best that country can offer is a tricky one.

#NWTW Week 2: Food Pairing With Chilean Carménère

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So I’ve had a quick look at the web to see what’s suggested.  It’s basically ranging from a well-grilled rib-eye steak to a cheeseboard.  We’re going to get some deep black fruit, a bit herby, and the occasional bit of red pepper if the tasting notes are anything to go off.

Well this is effectively the start of my honeymoon (well it’s tomorrow officially, but sod it!), so I’m going to go a bit over the top and go for both.  I’m going to pick up the wine choice from Morrison’s, and the one from Majestic and have a bit of a compare and contrast.