Starting Up Your Wine Cellar


A couple of years ago, before I began working with JB for 20h33, I became his client. The first time I really starting buying anything was the 2012 vintage primeurs. It was the first time I’d ever really thought of starting a collection of wine for ageing and drinking. A few weeks back, the bottles started arriving from the Châteaux, and I’m like a kid at Christmas!

Some of the wine I picked up might not seem anything too special to seasoned collectors. But to someone like me, who before had seen all these Bordeaux Cru Classés as one of the unattainable luxuries that other people buy, the novelty has definitely not worn off. Names like Prieuré-Lichine and Montrose were things I’d never thought I’d see in my shelves. However with JB’s help (and now my help) it’s very easy to get hold off!

When it comes to the cost, it’s been a really weird feeling. When I paid for the wine, nearly 2 years ago, I knew I was buying something, so I didn’t mind handing the money over. I’d then forgotten about the money leaving my account, so when the wine turned up recently, it was almost like it was free!! Which, as a penny-pinching northerner, is one of the best feelings going! 🙂

Now I guess all I’ve got to do is find somewhere to put it all! Ok it’s only a few bottles to start with, I’m not needing a warehouse just yet, but it’s fun to start planning the space. I’ve built a couple of wine cellars in the last year or so, so I know what it takes. If you need any help or advice yourselves, then please do give me a call.

I guess the really tough thing now is working out when to jump in and open them up. That’s why I’ve gone for 6 bottles of each where I could. Try one, see what you think! More ageing needed? Ok, leave it for a bit, try again in 6 months. That’s how you do it, and no matter what the pro-press tell you, there’s still no better way of checking.

For now though, I’m just going to look at my initial stash and have a smile. Getting together a wine cellar is going to be a lot of fun!



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