So…Er…I won!?!?


Just found out yesterday that I won the Millesima Blog Award. The irony that I won the Wine & Technology category in Europe despite the fact that I was struggling to find the correct link to post so people could vote was not lost on me, but sod it, I’ve won it now, they can’t take it back (I hope). So in true Oscar Week style, just got a couple of thanks to throw out there…

First up I just want to thank everyone who took the time to vote for me. I’m still never really sure who actually reads this blog, and in my lovely super-self-conscious brain of mine I kind of still think it’s only about 3 people. So it means a lot to know that hopefully more than 3 of you are out there and took the time to cast your votes. Cheers!

Next up I just want to say congrats to the other 5 winners. To my fellow Europeans, Madelyne and Tomislav, prost and živeli respectively! And to you three from over the pond, Michelle, Jeff, and the young lady behind Wine Esquire (sorry I don’t know your first name…yet!), looking forward to finally meeting you all.

And finally, just a big thanks to the guys and girls at Millesima and Bernard Magrez’s operations. I was a bit unsure when I got the email asking if I’d like to enter, no idea why, just always think there’s got to be a catch somewhere. But you lot have put on a great competition and a very generous prize, and I’m sure I speak for the other winners when I say I can’t wait to get out to Bordeaux and thank you all in person. 

Cheers all!



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