SnapChat – Sod It, I’m Going for It!!



When it comes to social media one of the most important things to work out is what platform the people you’re aiming at, or talk to the most, actually use. For the past couple of years I’ve been pushing myself on Twitter, got into Instagram a few months back, and even tried my hand (slightly unsuccessfully) at YouTube and Pinterest. But something that had just passed me by was SnapChat. Horrible to admit, but I never even bothered find out what it did. Well, New Year and all that…

Be Quick!

You send pictures to groups and then have chats about the pictures. The pictures only last for a few seconds (photographers out there enjoy!) and it’s all about just bouncing chats to eachother. From what I can work out it’s a mix of Instagram and WhatsApp, but you can use filters to make yourself look like a fairy. Can’t say fairer than that, right?

Keep It In The Geeks

You think about bottle snaps that might bore the shit out of most people, but now you can just send it to a select group and have a natter in real time about where you are, what you’re up to, and what you’re drinking. It’s all about making it quicker, more punchy, less committed.

It’s Massive

It’s also used by 150 million people DAILY, of which over half of them are in the 18-35 year old demographic. This isn’t just Instagram’s cool little brother anymore, this is big and we need to get on it wine-o’s!!





12 thoughts on “SnapChat – Sod It, I’m Going for It!!”

  1. Nice post! My daughter works at Snapchat and I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how to use it. Lots of cool features but seems more targeted, as you note, to the teen audience. As a wine industry person, my goal is to reach as many people as possible, which Twitter, Instagram and FB seem more aligned to. Snapchat is a personal comms platform, at least today, and harder to distribute content. But like you …I’m learning quickly and open to changing my mind.

    1. Ah cool, she works there?? I was going to leave it as I thought it was much more teen orientated, but then all my brothers and sisters in law in their mid to late twenties are all over it. Just didn’t want to miss out!

  2. I am pretty savvy and I’ve had some issues with Snapchat. But it is cool! I’m a Milennial and I feel tech is passing me by! My hat’s off to you. Let’s Snap! @twoquarts –VH

  3. okiewinegirl2015

    Well done doing something new for the new year! I’ll loan my teens to you for snappy tutorials. You’ll be expert pronto! They’re Snapchat junkies.

  4. It interested me to see this because of the good info you posted. I didn’t know all of what you are saying here, so I am glad I came across your post to get an idea just what Snapchat is about. Nicely written. Thanks for thinking of your reader, and what about Snapchat is different from other platforms. Good luck with your progress.

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