Sharing Social Media Strategy Tips At London Wine Fair

Felt very chuffed to be invited along by the min man himself, Richard Siddle, to be part of a stellar line up on panel discussion at yesterday’s London Wine Fair.

Social media strategy was the aim of the game and I was joined by some top wine people in the UK scene (full line up below).

A very brief overview followed of what we’d been up to and how we got into what we were doing with our online communities and how it helped us, day to day, in our jobs.

Despite the different backgrounds and current roles, and what we were trying to achieve, it was amazing how the take homes from the chat were very similar from each of us.

There were plenty of great points but the main three, from my memory at least, we’re:

– Use the tools at your disposal. e.g. Twitter and Insta are great, but don’t ignore Facebook and LinkedIn. Free tools in each are amazing when you have a play around.

– Encourage chat within the community you’re building or part of, not just with you but between others

– Be nice, no-one wants to engage with an arse do they?

I’ll leave the others to comment on their feeds, but was great to share a stage with them, and really hope the audience got something out of it.

Back to the LWF today for the much anticipated mental health talk. Wish me luck!


The panel, left to right…

– yours truly

– Chris Walkey of Glass of Bubbly

– Sorcha Holloway of UK Wine Hour

– Robert Mackintosh of The Wine Society

– Helen McGinn of Knackered Mother’s Wine Club

– Richard Siddle of The Buyer



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