Say “Prosecco” One More Time, I Dare You!


I’m assuming that most of you will have watched Pulp Fiction before. Probably still up there as one of my favourite films going. The dialogue is what carries it, as it’s almost impossible to think of a scene that isn’t instantly quotable. One of the most iconic though is when Samuel L Jackson character, Jules, is asking a (soon to be dead) interviewee what Marsellus Wallace looks like. He’s so nervous that he keeps on saying “What?!”, which is pisses off Jules somewhat, and he gets dared, at gunpoint, to “say ‘what’ one more time, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker!”. Well recently I’ve felt Jules pain a bit…

At my markets and wine dinners with 20h33, I flog a Crémant De Bordeaux. Not many people know that Bordeaux does bubbles, but there you go. Most wine regions in France do a bubbles in the same method as in Champagne (and Cava, and Franciacorta, and so on), the Traditional Method, and call it Crémant. So you get Crémant de Loire, Crémant d’Alsace, etc, all made from local grapes.

When I’m selling it by the bottle, or by the glass, I get so many people come up and ask for a glass of Prosecco. Now I’m not one to turn down a sale, so I just smile and nod and sort them out with some “bubbles”. But now and again, especially this weekend when the sun was beating down on my ginger skin, and I was being asked for Prosecco for the 100th time I was just about to lose the plot entirely!!!!

Prosecco is a different drink entirely. It’s mostly white and it’s bubbly. There the similarities end. I get why it’s so popular, I really do. It’s made in a cheaper method and can be whacked on the shelves for under £10 a bottle (even though good Proseccos are very good, but more pricey). Happy days for the bubble-mad UK drinkers. But please, please, just for me, learn a new freaking word!




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