Sandeman’s 225th Birthday Party


Some events you get invited to and you think “yeah this is going to be pretty good!” Unfortunately you go into some of them with that attitude and they disappoint. Luckily for me, and everyone who attended, Sandeman’s 225th birthday party’s London leg was not one of them. I thought it’d be great, and it was!

Sandeman’s is one of those Port houses that exists in this strange dual world. On the one hand it’s one of the brands in the portfolio of Portuguese wine juggernaut SoGrape. On the other hand it’s a multi generational family business that is still run today by the charming George Sandeman (pictured above).

We arrived to Port cocktails, a market that could be huge for Port going forward. White port and tonic, and Reserve Ruby Port sangrias hit the spot very nicely. It’s a great way for them to get a new drinker drinking Port. Cocktails have been a hugely successful path for Sherry, so it’s got some legs!

As the night proceeded and we drank in some of Sandeman’s fantastic range, I think my overall feeling was one of satisfaction. Satisfaction that is that a 225 year old company still keeps its family traditions at the heart of what it does, whilst also evolving as part of such a large, albeit specialist, corporation like SoGrape. They put on a great show and the story and quality is still there in spades.

Saúde to the next 225 years! 🙂





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