Running Wine Tasting Events

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Since the start of the year I’ve actually got a job! I’m running the UK side of things for 20h33, a Bordeaux specialist. We’re doing the importing and selling wines privately, and all kinds of other things like vineyards tours (#1 in Bordeaux I thank you!). I’m also starting to do lots of wine tasting nights. Once I got over the shock of the first one, I’m loving doing them now!

You’re a bit stuck to start with. You don’t really know what to say. You don’t know how much people should be drinking. You don’t really know how long it’s meant to go on for. What kind of food do you sort out? Where do you do it? These all sound pretty straight forward but until you’ve done it, you’re a bit up in the air about it.

First night I did I got a couple of things wrong. I was so nervous about boring people senseless that I didn’t actually explain the wines enough. I basically just popped the open bottles on the table, said “this is red wine, enjoy!” Ok it was a bit more than that, but still, not exactly value added!!

Also timing was an issue. If someone’s enjoying a glass of wine, I’m the last person to give them the hurry up. But then maybe 4 hours for 6 wines was taking the mick a bit, whether they’re enjoying themselves or not!

Since then I’ve been tweaking it nicely I think. Now it’s just a great laugh with lots of new faces enjoying the wines. I’m going to enjoy this bit!





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