Running For Your Brain & The Booze


For as many years as I’m lucky enough to be invited, I’m going to run the Marathon Du Medoc with my 20h33 / Pichon Baron team.  Bordeaux’s very own wine tasting marathon is the best weekend in Bordeaux by a country mile.  The attitude of the chateaux, the atmosphere of the runners, everything is spot on in an area sometimes accused of being aloof and snobbish.  Oh, and there’s the health kick as well.  It is a nudge over 26 miles after all.

Last couple of years though I’ve let myself go a bit in between.  The marathon is the start of September, and training for me usually starts when the weather gets a tad warmer in April.  By that point I’m 10kgs overweight and my anxiety levels are through the roof.  Not good.

So this year, I’m starting now.  Ok, it’s bloody freezing outside, but a not-too-daft 5-10km run a few times a week will at least keep (most of) the weight off.

I’m also chatting with the brilliant people at The Benevolent Drinks Charity about maybe doing a joint training thing.  Apparently the Bacchus Run at Denbies is on the same day as the MdM in 2019 and we were thinking of getting a team together to train and highlight the upsides of exercise for their #NotAlone and 24-Hour Mental Health Hotline campaigns.

Anyone fancy getting involved?  Let me know




For further info on the Marathon Du Medoc, please visit their website by clicking the ink.

To find out more about The Benevolent Drinks Charity and their ground breaking Mental Health Hotline, please click here



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