Right, You’re In A Wine Aisle, How Are You Feeling?


It’s got to be one of the biggest complaints from punters. They’re just after a half decent bottle of wine when they pop their head into the wine aisle at a supermarket, and whack! 300 bottles of nearly indecipherable labels are staring back at you. Well guess what, it’s one of the biggest gripes of wine writers and sellers too!

It really isn’t easy is it? For so long you’ve got supermarkets trying to show that they can offer you the best choice at the best prices. I’m trying to think of a product on the shelves where that’s more of a double edged sword than with wine. It’s undoubtedly one of the major factors for Lidl’s recent success, less choice at once, but a changing list every 3 months or so. It’s a bit less daunting when you’re looking at it.

I guess it’ll all depend on what you’re after it for. Buying a wine for dinner for yourself is different than buying one for dinner if mates are coming over. Or are you buying it just to drink on its own? I guess then it’s all about what day of the week it is and what mood you’ll likely be in by then. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a date wine and you’re looking to impress. You’re starting to see why it’s hard for both punters and writers to ask and answer the right questions.

What I’d love is that, over the next few weeks, people could get in touch via contact@pleasebringmemywine.com and let me know a few different scenarios or questions they’ve got about the wine aisles. It’d really help me write better stuff for you all and hopefully stop you guys from buying too many duffers.

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12 thoughts on “Right, You’re In A Wine Aisle, How Are You Feeling?”

  1. I usually don’t buy wine at the supermarket but if I have to I’ll choose by the type of grape and origin I like. I wouldn’t go for pricey wines at the supermarket and I don’t trust the way they handle the wine. So an average wine for dinner is as far as I would invest in there.

  2. I’m in Houston and have fantastic selection at my grocery stores. Seriously, fantastic. Low end, high end and everything in the middle. One of my favorites now even has a wine bag inside the grocery store in the wine area. Perhaps it’s a geographic issue?

    1. Absolutely, think it’s the “this is how it works in the UK” thing, although we are getting some amazing specialist shops. Problem with them is that if people are daunted by the wine aisle in the supermarket, they’d be terrified to walk into a specified wine shop, despite the fact they’d get more help!

  3. Its too much of a sweeping statement not to trust supermarkets and the way they handle wine (some win awards don’t they?); there’s good and bad wines – and no matter what you think about supermarkets they are for many people the first peep round the door, ajar, creeking on its hinges, of the world of wine. Personally I think the supermarkets should have a wine savvie person on the aisles who is able to answer questions.

  4. I dont buy wine from the supermarket here purely for the fact that majority of it is the supermarket chain brand skewed under so many made up labels its ridiculous. In doing this it undermines the rest of the industry because its so cheap and people are just not getting the quality they deserve or the range to try. Im steering towards online brokers who put together boxes of more smaller players/ boutique wines that you can purchase and enjoy. This is a great way to sample quality wine that is out there and at great prices too. Here in Australia we have so much great wine and the supermarkets just dont tap into it.

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