Right iMovie, Yealands Is Calling!


Every wine-o out there will no doubt heard of Yealands before. They are a big family wine estate with vineyards stretching all over the famous Marlborough district in New Zealand. I’ve been sent 5 bottles of their different Sauvignon Blancs and been asked to come up with something “arty” to promote them on International Sauvignon Blanc Day, this coming Friday, the 5th May. Arty? Have they met me?

The Wine World Megastar

Marlborough? Yep, you’ve heard of that one, that’s where the Sauvignon Blancs come from! Well…and lots of other things, but for the past 20 or 30 years the reputation of this place has been built on those tropical fruit busting, sharply refreshing, pale coloured glasses of joy and Peter and family have been huge exponents of that. There are wine snobs out there that give them a hard time these days, but Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc has been the undoubted superstar of wine in recent times.

Great Attitude Boys and Girls

Another reason I’m really chuffed that I got involved in this is the sustainability aspect of it all. According to the website it was the 08/08/08 that Peter woke up one day and decided to be the world’s leading sustainable winery. These big guys don’t need to do this, and it’s not a cheap thing to set up, so a massive shout out to the team there for all their efforts, especially given all their operations in vineyard and winery are carbon neutral. I really love to hear this stuff, top work to everyone out there at the estate!

Technophobes Unite

So I’m going to be very happy to try my way through these 5 wines and come up with something I hope will be half watchable on YouTube. Now if only I can get iMovie to work….





Sauvignon Blanc Day is Friday 5th May, get chatting with #expressyoursauv



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