Protecting That Perfect Smile


I never ever thought I’d say this in my life ever! I actually like going to the dentist. I got really lucky as the guy local to my flat is a lovely bloke and just does his job with the minimum of fuss. In fairness, most of the 10 minute check up time we’re nattering about the families, work out routines, and more recently about wine. It’s very rare that he gets all serious and “now Mike, listen to me!” about anything, but the wine thing? Yeah, I’ve got to listen up.

When you spend your days going from wine tasting to wine tasting, you’ve got to be a bit careful. The amount of acidic liquid that’s slushing around the molars is just not good at all. It weakens the enamel, and that stuff just doesn’t come back once it’s gone. In fact the worst thing you can do is brush your teeth after a wine tasting, as it’ll just rip the weakened enamel straight off.

A quick wander round a trade tasting and you’ll clock the veterans pretty quick. Firstly they’ll know everyone in there, but also a lot of them will have smiles that resemble Christopher Walken from Sleepy Hollow. Clearly they didn’t get the same advice back in the day!

Best thing to do is either chew gum, cheese, or crackers to get the saliva flowing. That’ll chill out the acidity in the mouth. Other thing to do is take a mini bottle of mouthwash to any tastings you’re going to. Same effect, balances the mouth out. Only make sure you do that right at the end. Bit tough to taste a light bodied Pinot Noir after a gob full of Listerine!

Look after those smiles boys and girls!




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