Priorat Wineries – Clos Figueras


After a morning on the back of Xavi’s pick up, we were in need of some grub, and Timmer had the perfect place in mind. Luckily too, it was just down the main road thorugh the village of Gratallops. The stunningly picturesque winery-with-a-restaurant-attached Clos Figueras.

We sat down out in the terraced courtyard. A top up of factor 50, and we could settle in for the hour or so. We munched on Catalan grub, drizzled in the winery’s very own olive oil. The house’s white has a great story. It’s Viognier heavy, basically from a mistake by the vine nursery people. They didn’t want Viognier, but got sent the wrong variety. The guys and girls here grew it anyway, and, as luck would have it, it works an absolute treat!

After dinner we were met by Miquel Compte, the guy who runs the show day to day round there. Absolutely charming fella! Taken down into the dark and damp cellar, which used to be a reservoir for the village, he proceeded to take us through the ideas and dreams of himself, the team there, and of the famous (in wine circles) owner Christopher Cannan.

I think the biggest reason (of many I could have picked) this one stood out for me was the food we had. Catalan sausages, terrines, and stewed lamb. It’s all well and good having lots of nice wine, which they undoubtedly did, but you also get the “here’s some amazing food, and how well do our wines go with them?” That means you walk (or waddle) away full, merry, and you’ve had the full foodie/wine-o experience.

Thanks so much to Miquel for being such a top host. Can’t wait to come back for more!



BTW If you live in Europe and want to try any of these wines, Tim from Catalunya Wine has said any of my readers can get a 10% discount on his website using the discount code “PBMMW”…lovely stuff!!!



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