Portuguese Wines 2019 – The Top 5 Must Try Wines


Last week the lovely Helena Nicklin and myself were kindly asked to taste all the wines the great and the good from Portugal’s winemakers brought with them to Lindley Hall in London’s Victoria.  We eventually decided on a top 5 that was tweeted out to the consumer tasting later that evening, and I thought I’d post it out to you fine people.

So here they are, in no particular order, the top 5 must tries from the day.  And, fingers crossed, where you can buy them!


D’Oliveiras Madeira Wines, Terrantez 1988


Madeira of this age and quality is just a dried fruit, nutty wonder.  The sad truth is that you can pick up some seriously aged examples for relatively nothing because it’s so out of fashion.  We must be mad, it’s ace, and this 30 year old wine from the lesser-spotted Terrantez grape stole the show for me!

BUY FROM: Over £20 from Bovey Stockists


Quinta Do Noval, Cedro Do Noval 2017


I’ve got to be honest, bit of a fan’s favourite for me.  Fruity, floral, spicy effort from the Douro valley with a touch of Syrah in the blend to give it a lift.  Don’t tell anyone!!

BUY FROM: £18 from 20h33


Quinta Do Perdigão, Espumante Bruto 2015


Wait, wait, wait, a traditional method rosé from Touriga Nacional?  This I had to try.  Helena’s interest was peaked by this earthy, mineral, fruit salad with great structure.

BUY FROM: £20 from Portuguese Vinho


Campolargo, Branco 2016


100% from the Cercial grape that thrives in the small, northern Bairrada wine district of Portugal.  Mineral kick, but nice creamy mouthfeel from leaving the wine on it’s sediment after fermentation.  Could drink this any time of year!

BUY FROM: £18 from Casa Leal


Quinta De Lemos, Touriga Nacional 2008


I don’t get to try Touriga Nacional with a bit of age to it, so this wine is a real treat. Kept back and aged in barrel for longer, giving silky smooth wine with big fruit and spice concentration.  A real luxurious Portuguese wine.

BUY FROM: Enquire at Lisbon Wines UK




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