Please Bring Me My Wine – What’s New For 2015?!?

New Years

New Year is always a great time of year for me. A lot of people pan the idea of making resolutions, and that if you want to change things up you can do it any day of the year. That’s true. But if you’re like me, and you’ve had something like New Wine This Week going for 2014, the New Year is a natural break point of finding something else to do…so I’ve had my thinking cap on!

Well to an extent I have. New Wine This Week has been great to do. I’ve learned a lot, drank some really great wines, and (e-)met lots of great people through it. So I’m going to keep going in 2015, with a couple of tweaks! I’m going to be looking to do it every two weeks, to give me time to blog about other stuff too. And the other tweak is about how I pick the wines…but that’s for another post 🙂

NWTW Zelda

I’m really hoping to continue my partnership with the very funny and brilliantly t-shirted Ant from Confessions of a Wine Geek. He, however, has got a massive 2015 ahead of him, to which I’d love us all to send our best wishes for thre new venture. Have a top time fella!

The big thing this year is I’m going to launch a YouTube channel! Please Bring Me My Wine is going to have a face. My face to be exact and I’m bricking it. I’m not one for going infront of cameras. Growing up a skinny, ginger, goofy teethed maths geek, the confidence in my appearance has never been up there. Luckily I’m a lot fatter than I was as a kid, and the hair started to go, so sod it, might as well give it a go!

YouTube picture

What are the YouTube posts going to be about? Well I’ve asked mates of mine to throw some wine related questions at me. Kind of a “Everything You Wanted To Know About Wine But Were Too Afraid To Ask!”. Anyone can chip in with a question, from complete novices to serious wine-o’s. Each week I’ll sit in front of a camera, try not to crack under the pressure, and answer them as best I can.

Other than that I’ll look to add a couple of blogs about starting out in the wine industry, given that I am now a fully fledged wine trader for 20h33! There’s going to be plenty of learning by doing, and god help me, not everything’s going to go right from day one. You’ll all be kept in the “fuck-ups” loop!


Just leaves me to say thanks so much for reading last year, and I’m really looking forward to kicking on into 2015 with you all!





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