@PBMMW Webisode 1 – The Intro!

Well here it is guys, my first attempt at sitting in front of a camera!

Thanks so much to Max for all his patience with me and my terrible accent.

Thanks so much to Antonia from the Washington Pub for letting us sit their and annoy her customers.

To everyone else, please get those questions in!!!

Lovely stuff



21 thoughts on “@PBMMW Webisode 1 – The Intro!”

  1. It’s always weird to put a voice to the blog- can’t wait for more videos! I’ll try and think up some questions too! Also- restaurant rec if you’re willing to eat ethnic food- my cousin owns a restaurant called Tandis right around Camden. It’s pretty darn close to the Washington Pub (I think) and has Persian food.

  2. Great job! So excited for you. My husband has recommended videos to me but I am to scared! You did great; very relaxed and natural. Can’t wait to see next week’s video. I will try to think up some questions. One brief suggestion, you may want to share your email address on video when asking people to send questions so we know where to send them. Very well done! Cheers!

    1. Funny how many people have said how scared they’d be of doing it. I am too. You look at yourself and think “do I really sound and look like that??” Hopefully I’ll get used to it!

      Also, will be working on the end of the clip before the next post. i.e. putting the email address for questions up there, noticed it was missing after it was a bit late this week 🙁

  3. Go on my son! That said, those opening ‘glugs’ of wine being poured was a little painful as I’ve given up booze for January, so don’t expect too many questions from me just yet 😉

  4. I concur- great to see and hear the person behind the blog 🙂 Well done! Looking forward to the next episode and seeing the questions people ask.

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