Panic in the Wine Aisles!!


On Friday night I popped down to Sainsbury’s in Camden to go pick up the food and wine for this weekend’s New Wine This Week. I have to admit I still haven’t done it as yesterday was the 17th of May and my Norwegian wife was in charge (it’s Norway’s national day). But whilst I was there I noticed a couple of people who were struggling a bit… 

I did as I usually do, and just headed straight for the wine I know I want. As I was picking it up I saw these two ladies with a few different bottles in their hands and bemused looks on their faces. At the risk of coming across as a complete tool, I offered a bit of help and within a couple of minutes had them off to the check out with a couple of bottles I’d recommended.

It just highlighted something that always puzzles me about supermarkets. Why is it that they only train head office staff in the wines they sell? No-one is there on the shop floor to offer any advice to anyone! Surely helping customers with their options will lead to more sales and a bit of trading up?

Just a thought





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