Ooooo Me Sir, Please Sir!



Sitting in a lecture room used to bore me to tears. I loved studying maths at uni, but lectures went so quick that I mostly lost the plot after 5 minutes and sat there for the next 55 minutes scribbling as quick as I could and trying not to forget to breath. And the WSETs came along, and out went Galois Theory and Monte Carlo simulations and in came tasting glasses and spit buckets. Happy days!

Old Habits Die Hard

It’s funny though, there are a few people in the classes that still haven’t kicked the old school habits. I’m definitely included in this! The lecturer asks a question, half the class (the geeks and know-it-alls) throw their hands up and pray their answer merits being put on the board. Everyone else (the too-cool-for-school kids) just roll their eyes and write it down. I’ll let you guess which one I am 🙂

Saved By The Bell

It was making me chuckle all day on Monday, even down to the bit where everyone packs their things away, slowly but surely, a little bit early to try and be the first out the door when the bell goes. Well, there isn’t a bell, but you get the point.

The lectures have changed, the subject’s changed, but we haven’t clearly!



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