#NWTW Week 9: Food Pairing With Grüner Veltliner from Austria

It’s amazing that so many of the white wines across the world pair so well with Asian cooking.  In Grüner Veltliner’s case I mean more the sweetly spiced styles, such as Vietnamese and Thai dishes.  I know that’s going to be heaven for Ant given his tried and tested Friday tradition of his favourite takeaway joint!  He’ll have a great time…

Sometimes though, Grüner Veltliner can be in slightly softer styles, so not quite as spicy, more fruity and refreshing.  In that case you’re looking at salted seafood or salted meats.  So I’ve got three wines this week, and I’m going to go for three different meals…

Meal Choice 1: The Light Salad

I’m off round to my sister and her boyfriend’s flat this evening for a bit of a catch up.  He’s just started a new job, so he’ll be knackered after this week, so I want to keep it light so he doesn’t pass out into his pudding!  So a punchy, fresh salad should work well with the lighter style Rabl from Spirited Wines.

As I said, I want punchy flavours, so plenty of rocket, spring onions, and sugar snap peas going in, with plenty of salt, pepper, and good extra virgin olive oil.  On top of that I’ll sprinkle some sliced bacon and maybe, just maybe, a few bits and pieces of haloumi cheese, the taste is right, just not sure about the waxy texture, so we’ll see.

Meal Choice 2: Fish and Chips

Now I’ve not had fish and chips for ages, which for a northerner is sacrilege!  Problem is that in the South of England they don’t do gravy with chips.  I mean the proper chippy gravy, the stuff that bounces.  I’m just going to order it with plenty of salt and vinegar (bit worried that’ll be too acidic, but we’ll work it out some point) and obviously some mushy peas.  The salty, fatty battered fish should work very well with the acidity in the wine.  I’ll have the Sainsbury’s TTD with this one.

Meal Choice 3: Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

Possibly my favourite dish from English-style Chinese restaurants.  It’s a warming dish, with a great kick from the chilli, and the sweet/sour contrasts in the rest of the ingredients.  A great and easy recipe I found very quickly from the web is on the BBC website, and will be my food pairing with the Majestic Wine effort from Wachau.

Plenty to dig into there guys, enjoy the eating and drinking this weekend!


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