#NWTW Week 7: An Intro Into Gewurztraminer

Not even sure how to start this.  It seems that Gewurztraminer is the marmite of wines!  I’ve had multiple comments on twitter and the blog telling me they’re either dreading this week or can’t wait to get those corks out.  So this could be a great one to keep your eye on the comments come the end of the week.

Gerwürz is the German word for spice, so there’s your first clue.  The smell of the thing will make you think of sweet baking spices.  That can’t be too bad right?  Bit of cinnamon here, maybe even some nutmeg?  We love it in apple pies, so I’m trying to work out why we wouldn’t like it in a wine!

In terms of the other smells in there, we just need to remember that on those sun facing slopes, you’re going to get plenty of warmth.  So the fruit flavours in the wine are slightly more tropical, so something along the lines of lychee or pineapple.

With all that sunshine there are plenty of sugars to be turned to alcohol, which means most of the wines are high in alcohol.  More than anything else just make sure if you’re going to drink this in the afternoon, have some food with it.  Even if it’s just nibbles.  Otherwise the rest of the day might be a bit of a write-off!

The ones I’ve had so far are slightly oily, and not hugely refreshing on its own.  So again probably best had with food.  I’ll send round some food pairings round later in the week.


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