#NWTW Week 50: What We Thought of Port Week

week 50 the ports

Amazing!!! After 6 days of feeling extremely sorry for myself the man flu has lifted! Ok, so it’s Boxing Day and I’ve managed to miss out on most of the Christmas fun so far, but I’ve given up caring. My throat is no longer feeling like barbed wire, and I can use my nose for something other than a chew thing for the puppy. I’m back in the wine tasting game!

So time to catch up on the Port tasting that was postponed from the week before. And what an afternoon of Port tasting it’s been!

We’ve had a couple from the Taylor’s range, both easy to get hold of at the minute from any supermarket in the UK for bugger all.

We’ve started today with the Taylor’s 10 Year Old Tawny. As we know from the last couple of posts, anything with Tawny and a number of years on the label means it’s been aged in wood. It’s fairly light red in colour, and not too aggressive to smell. Prune and cooked dark fruit with lovely smokeyness. A nice warming kick from the alcohol. Perfect with a mince pie. 14/20.

Next up is the Taylor’s 2009 LBV. It has some wood ageing, but not that much. The colour hasn’t gone. It’s dark, and ruby red, and is packed full of fresh dark fruits.  This is the stuff you want to have with the salty Stilton cheese. Having said that, I’d be tempted to nail this back next time I’m ill. Warming, blackcurrant, throat coating goodness?! Lovely stuff. 14/20.

We even managed, between the 4 of us, to polish off both bottles in decent time. Don’t even have to do that horribly British thing of putting in the cupboard for the next few months and ruining it! Happy days!


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