#NWTW Week 50: Food Pairing with Port

week 50 chocolate brownies

This week has been fraught with a near tragedy. I’ve been struck down with one of the most potent and debilitating illnesses known to man. The dreaded Man Flu! So unfortunately my tasting session for Port will have to be postponed until my nose is working again.

Having said that though, I realized that I still hadn’t sent out a food pairing post, so here it goes. It’ll be nice and simple.

Port is usually full bodied, sweet to the taste, and (in the case of most Ruby and LBV ports) packed with heavy dark fruit. So two things you can do.

Firstly, pair the sweetness. Chocolate brownies, a scoop of ice cream, and some fresh dark berries will do just great.

Otherwise you can contrast the sweetness with something salty. The classic pairing here is blue cheese, like a good Stilton.

I love chocolate, but the wife doesn’t, so we’ll probably have both on the table. That is when she recovers from her head cold and I recover from my (much worse and sympathy demanding) man flu!


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