#NWTW Week 49: What We Thought of New Zealand Chardonnay


Was I really playing fair this week? Instead of doing what I usually do and getting in one of the supermarket wines I delved into my own collection. I was lucky enough to meet Nigel from Felton Road in Central Otago on his recent trips to London, and pick up some of his amazing wines. The 2013 Elms Chardonnay amongst them.

So, what was it like? How do I put this? Wines like this are the reason I became a wine geek. It’s one of those where you look at it, smell, sip it, and just grin. A big fat ear to ear grin.

The look was an inviting looking pale lemon, but with a hint of sheen to it.

The smell was a fresh fruit overload of apples, pears, lemons, limes, and I actually thought there was some almost tropical floral notes in there too. You can smell the stoney minerality. It was really coming out the glass at you and ticking all the boxes on the way.

The taste was amazing. It started soft and built up and up as it went. You know like that bit on A Day In The Life by the Beatles? The orgasm of sound? A bit like that. It’s not seen any new oak, only a bit of old barrel. It gave it such a rounded mouthfeel, the minerailty gave more body on top, but so integrated it was just an absolute pleasure. The expressive New Zealand acidity just completely the experience.

The finish lasted for a good minute or so afterwards. Just gorgeous stuff.

Am I going on a bit much? I know I might have crossed the line here into talking a bit too much like a wine geek, but screw it! I am a wine geek, and a wine like this brings it out of me. £30 a bottle? Yeah it’s a bit more than your average bottle. But you’ll remember this one! A massive 17/20 from me.


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