#NWTW Week 49: Food Pairing with New Zealand Chardonnay

week 49 chicken

I will never, ever, ever understand people who don’t drink Chardonnay. It goes with so much. I mean times of the year, times of the day, and more importantly than all of that, it goes with so much food!

You will hopefully always get a bit that minerality, and you will hopefully always get a decent level of acidity. But there are two big questions to ask yourself. Is it oaked? And how hot is it where it’s made?

Are you going to get the creaminess or the butteriness? Are you going to get the full on kick of vanilla? Are you going to get green fruit or tropical fruits? Easy way to find out is to ask the shop assistant. If that’s not possible you can always open it a bit earlier in the day and try a bit, then sort your dinner out from there.

Classic pairings for Chardonnay are white fish, seafood, or chicken. If you get a creamy Chardonnay, throw in some cream or butter. Bit more oakiness? Go big with a bit of truffle oil or something just as rich.

I’m having one that’s unoaked, I heading for grilled chicken, couscous, and a bit of chilli salsa. Cheap, easy, and healthy. What’s not to like?


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