#NWTW Week 48: What We Thought of GSM Week


This week was a week learning all about concentration. One of the reasons I’m enjoying doing all this is I get to learn all about the wines I’m drinking each week. But then one of the snags is when you’re drinking and eating at the end of the week, you do have to concentrate a bit about what you’re doing. I think I messed that up this weekend.

My mate Ben was round to say hi to Alfie, so I popped a bigger cottage pie in the oven and opened up a bottle of the 2013 TTD Côtes Du Rhône Villages, and a 2012 McGuigan GSM. We had a glass of each as we waited for the grub to finish, and on a cold day like yesterday, it was pretty welcome. Both were full bodied, spicy on the tongue, with lots of warming fruit. But they were plenty different too.

The CdR was obviously very young. A deep dark red colour, fat and aggressive tannins and that incredible smokey bacon undertone from the Shiraz from the Rhône. The finish was pleasant but not overly long. The acidity was probably higher than I thought, it’s just those young bitter tannins that were drying the mouth a bit. Another one where the price tag of £8 is a massive plus. Very decent without being outstanding. 12/20.

The Aussie GSM, even though it was only a year older, was much smoother. Slightly lighter on the look, it was less dark fruit, and the more smokey and peppery of the pair. I think the extra bit of oak treatment this wine has seen has really helped it out. It was more refreshing because the tannins were so much more relaxed. I was a fan, but maybe again without being overawed. 13/20.

The pie was warm enough, fat enough, and lush enough to go just fine with the food. Only slight problem was I was too busy talking to really take too many notes. I’ve enjoyed GSM week, but think the reason I wasn’t blown away was because I didn’t put enough in on tasting day. I won’t be making that mistake again!


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