#NWTW Week 46: Lambrusco From Emilia Romagna

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For the last few weeks I’m seemed to follow up Ant’s glorious picks with something a bit challenging. A few weeks back it was non-alcoholic wine, which fell flat on its arse. This week I’m going for another one that might be a toughy, but I’m hoping for a different result.

I’m picking Lambrusco from Emilia Romagna in Italy. I told my sister I was doing this and her first reaction was to screw her face up and say, quite plainly, “why???” Anyone who was a teenager in the 80s or 90s may agree with her.

Well I’m going to try to change some perceptions this week. Gone are the days (well, they’re not gone, but we’ll get onto that) of the cheap and nasty, and in are the days of the back-to-what-it-does-best premium wines. Time to give it a go!

Quick note, most supermarkets still stock the cheaper variety, so you’ll need to find a specialized wine shop to get one of the more Lambrusco-esque Lambruscos.  Maybe try one of each so you can compare.

My picks for this week are:

Sainsbury’s Lambrusco Rosso @ £2.50

Alberto Medici Lambrusco Rosato @ £2.99

Majestic Wine
Don’t do one

Spirited Wines
Don’t do one

Camillo Donati Lambrusco @ NOK 179.90

Vin Vixen (Dalston, London)
Lini 910 Lambrusca Rosato Reggiano DOC @ £19.00

Happy hunting




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