#NWTW Week 45: What We Thought of Syrah from Northern Rhône


Yeah, we ate a bit late tonight. I did another of those “if I start making it at 7pm then we’ll be fine” things. I ended up serving up 5 hungry people about 9ish, but when you’re serving up wine too they tend not to complain all that much!

I went along with the BBC recipe, but with the bacon and beef substitute that I’d said before. The bacon was perfect, the beef maybe not so much. It wasn’t bad, but I would imagine the lamb would have worked a bit better. But the hotpot was a hit.

The wine was lovely. I think sometimes wine can just look amazing. That sounds a bit noncy maybe, but honestly when it’s a bright, vibrant ruby red colour, clear as the day is long, then yeah, I like the look of it!

The smells and tastes of bacon that I wanted to get were there, and the crushed black pepper and blackcurrant were the next big sniffs I got. In the mouth there was plenty of acidity, grainy tannins that were smooth enough, and a lovely spicy pepper finish.

All in all it was a really nice wine. 13/20 from me for what was exactly what I was expecting from a Crozes-Hermitage.


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