#NWTW Week 42: Why Go Alcohol Free?

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There are two big reasons I wanted to do this week. Firstly someone very close to me is pregnant, and was getting a bit cheesed off with missing out each week. Secondly I noticed the (http://www.gosober.org.uk) MacMillan “Go Sober For October” campaign on the tube the other day. It got me thinking. Why do people give up drinking?

Obviously the bigger issues regarding alcohol abuse, such as problems with the liver, the stomach, sexual performance, and so on, are more to do with people finding the right balance when they are drinking. And doing so responsibly.

I’m talking about people who stop altogether. Alcohol is a drug. As with everything that has good sides to it (why we drink it in the first place) you’re going to get a few side effects. There’s a bigger list, but to me, here are the main ones:

If you’re pregnant, it’s best just to not bother. It affects anything from your blood flow to the hormones that your body produces, and no-one really knows what the full effects are if you’re pregnant. Just don’t bother. It’s only 9 months, and I’m sure you’ll catch up afterwards!

If you’re on medication then it can mess you up a bit. It’s a myth that alcohol stops any medicine from working, but it’s not a myth that no-one really knows how it effects metabolism of the “good” drugs in the liver. Always chat with your doctor, and if they say lay off, then lay off!

If you have mental illness issues then be very, very careful with alcohol. Alcohol is a depressive drug. It’s why the next morning you’re usually feeling pretty shitty. I’ve suffered from a mental health illness for the past 6 years, and I’m now at a stage where I can consume alcohol without it really troubling me. But I had to give up alcohol for 6 months to get to that stage.

Designated driver for the evening?  You’re not as sharp when you’ve had a couple so for the love of god, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!! If I see people do it, I get really, really wound up. There’s no need and people can get seriously hurt because you’re being an ignorant bastard!

If alcohol is not a drug that your body copes with, i.e. you turn into a tool when you’re drunk, on behalf of the rest of the world, just give up please! I’m a happy drunk, it just seems to fit with me, but we all know that’s not the case for everyone, and that’s who I’m talking about here!

Feel free to chip in with as many comments as you like here. The more info, the better!


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