#NWTW Week 41: This Is Not A Verdict On Verdejo


A question I get asked a lot by mates of mine is “are any of those supermarket wines for £5 any good?” To this day I still think the answer is “yes, but…”

The “but” is that for every 20 of those bottles, there’s probably only 1 that is a bargain. If you’re into your wine and looking to enjoy it, rather than just drink it, then the other 19 are a waste of money. Unfortunately the Verdejo I had this weekend fell amongst those 19.

It’s hard to criticise too much. This was one of Sainsbury’s entry-level releases. This was not the “next level” Taste The Difference range, which I (and quite few others) have been continually impressed by all the way through this year!

If you’re just looking for a bottle of non-descript white wine to drink, then why not, eh? Problem was, I wasn’t. I was after trying a Verdejo. A classic, fresh, fruity, and expressive Verdejo. I just didn’t get it from this.

The smell was ok, I got the apple and peach fruit, and a massive kick of lemon. On the taste however, the balance was not there, the body was a flabby medium level, it was way too acidic, and the finish was too tart (yet mercifully short). Look, it could have been anything really. I marked it seriously, and it came out at 4/20.

It was just disappointing. Verdejo is a top, top white wine from a country that makes wines to go with great food. I’m not having a go at producers/retailers catering for people who don’t really care what they’re drinking, but for those of us that do, please please please can we have a TTD (or equivalent) Verdejo at some point soon!


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