#NWTW Week 41: Food Pairing With Verdejo

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I had a really top time on my stag do. I’d not been all that well, so my best man decided to do a foodie themed trip, rather than tying me to anything in Leeds city centre. So off we went to San Sebastian. Still up there as one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. And Verdejo was a constant companion!

So they do Pintxos in San Sebastian, which is Basque tapas, but with a little spike through it. What do you need with that? You need acidity, and plenty of it. All the tortillas and squid, all the way to the padron peppers just worked so well with the fresh, fruity wine with a balanced aftertaste. If you’ve got one knocking round you, head off to your local tapas joint and get that Verdejo ordered.

As a self-employed (read unpaid) blogger, I’ll be in the kitchen working out another sub-£5-a-head meal to go with it. I have a feeling I’ve got a few frozen salmon fillets in the freezer, so maybe defrost those, steam them up, and try making a hollandaise sauce from scratch. Just serve it up with new potatoes, butter, and parsley.

That’ll do!




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Steamed salmon and hollandaise



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