#NWTW Week 4: Italian Barbera

Here we are at week 4 already!

So we’ve gone for a couple of new world (roughly speaking that means non-european) wines so far, and one from the old world.  We’ve had a couple of whites, and just the one red.  So just to even it all up it’s an old world red, and this week I’ve chosen a grape variety called Barbera from Italy.

Barbera as a grape is grown in the north west of Italy in a region called Piemonte.  Any of you who know your maps know this is right up in the top left, with Torino as the region’s capital.

Piemonte is arguably more famous for its two standout red wine exports of Barolo and Barberesco, both made by the Nebbiolo grape variety.  But if Nebbiolo is where the money is, then Barbera is where the heart and soul is.  It’s made in a range of styles from everyday table wine to some pricey premium efforts, but it’s an absolute must try for anyone who likes their Italian reds.

There’s plenty of choice on the shelves, but I’ve picked a few here that I think will be well worth a try:

Majestic Wine
Barbera d’Alba Sucule, 2010, “Lo Zoccolaio”
£8.99 each if you buy two bottles

Nostro Meglio, Barbera d’Asti, Superiore, 2009

Sainsbury’s Barbera D’Asti, Taste The Difference, 2012

Now I’ve had “Lo Zoccolaio” before and absolutely loved it, and that’s why I have to recommend it to you guys.  If you’ve never had it then please go for this one, it’s a cracker for the money.

However, just to drink something I’ve had before defeats the whole purpose of New Wine This Week, so I’m going to brave the ridiculous stacking system and go for the pick from Morrison’s.

Should only take me an hour to find it on the shelves.




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