#NWTW Week 39: What to Expect From Prosecco

week 39 prosecco

Prosecco can do lots of different jobs. We tend to use it as just an appetizer before anything else kicks off, but the Italians drink it anytime. It’s the main ingredient in a Bellini too, which gets a lot of votes in our household!

These days it’s produced to be dry or, using sparkling wine terminology, it’s produced to be brut. As with most Italian wines it wasn’t always that way. Right up until the 1960s it was sweet, and almost indiscernible from the sweet wines of Asti. Better growing and harvesting techniques mean that they now produce clean, crisp, and dry bubbles to a consistently great standard.

So what do we expect of it as a wine? Well, as I said, clean and crisp is the first thing that pops into the head. It’ll be lower alcohol than most other wines too. Don’t expect much more than 11 or 12 degrees.

It’s made to be fruity. It’s a bit cooler up over in the North East rather than other places in Italy, so expect apple and pear, up the way to white peach and apricot.

Fresh, clean, and fruity. Oh yeah, and bubbly!





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