#NWTW Week 38: Apparently, They Love It!

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Every now and again one of the wines picked for NWTW brings out a few comments on the twitter-sphere. Last week, when we did Malbec, there was a slightly unexpected backlash that we managed to turn round during the week. This week’s been the opposite so far. Côtes du Rhône is clearly a popular choice! But why?

Well first up I reckon it’s the choice of flavours. You’re expecting ripe red and black fruit, with some herby and peppery spices, but that’s just a bit too vague, right? Well the reason is the use of blending.

Grenache is a grape that gives light colour and light tannin, but heavy alcohol, and big fruit flavours. It makes up a big part of blends, but the colours, tannins, and dark fruit flavours are thrown in at various levels by the adding the Syrah, Mouvedre, and others.

Maybe it’s the spicy flavours. Sure a lot of sweet spices can be added through the use of oaking, but the peppery spice and herb flavours, that’s all from the grapes. That’s all what makes it a great match for so many stews and meats and all the stuff you love eating during the winter.

Or maybe it’s just because it gets you pretty…er…relaxed, pretty quickly. The heat of the area and the grapes that are used means that the wines produced tend to have some serious alcohol in there. 14-15% is not unusual. A couple of glasses later and you’ll be enjoying your evening!




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The power of blending!



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